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    Natieco for Export
    products with many active ingredients

    The cosmeceuticals contain components that are increasingly in demand by the modern market, aimed at canons of continuous innovation and the needs of consumers increasingly exclusive, that is to say that the market for cosmetics products today is increasingly looking for effective active ingredients, increasingly high percentage of components, specific combinations and active natural substances.
    Cosmeceutic products are creams, gels and solutions based on essential formulations, almost free of excipients and with high content of functional active ingredients.

    quality assurance

    Natieco is composed by specialists in the field Pharmaceutical, so we can guarantee very high standard of safety, based on strict assessments and processes control.

    some cosmeceuticals
    hyaluronic acid

    Medium and high molecular weight concentrations

    pure collagene

    Restorative and re-epithelizing skin action

    vitamin C

    Pure or combined at high concentrations


    Reshaping and elasticizing action for the tissues